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Flicks in the Sticks is the touring cinema branch of Arts Alive. Flicks can offer a diverse range of films to schools that are imaginative, ethnically varied and are relevant to the challenges that young people face today. Using the portable Flicks tent, you can host screenings outdoors and in informal spaces.

Please download the 'Want to Join Flicks' form at the bottom of this page and send completed application forms to [email protected]


Can I get flicks to tour to my venue?

We rely on public investment to be able to continue to tour films to village halls and this public investment is of course getting less. So the answer is, it will depend on several factors; whereabouts your venue is situated, whether you already own the kit to screen films, and whether we have the capacity. Please download the application form and more info sheet below for more details.

How do I know what films to choose?

Flicks will provide a menu, with a wide selection of films to choose from and can discuss programming options with you. Once you are a promoter, you can have access to the 'promoter section'.  Here you can research films, see other promoters comments on films they have screened and see what other promoters have already booked. 

Do I need a license?

Yes, you will need a premises license which covers you for film. Your local authority will have more info. You will also need a PRS licence, and a license to screen each film, but as part of our service we obtain the license to screen the film itself (the film rights). You will of course need public liability insurance.

Can I screen all year round?

If you have your own equipment then yes, you can screen when you like. But be aware that Flicks has found that audiences really drop off in the summer months unless there is a specific local event or festival that you can work with.






Want to Join Flicks?