The Old Oak (15)

Director Ken Loach. Drama

Ken Loach’s latest film follows TJ Ballantyne, a pub landlord in a previously thriving mining community. The Old Oak is the name of his pub, the one community meeting place - and it is in dire need of refurbishment. His regulars are seething with rage, livid at the collapse in house prices and brooding over YouTube videos about immigrants. Then a busload of terrified Syrians arrives in town and the tension gets worse.

Starring Trevor Fox, Debbie Honeywood, Dave Turner

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Most people found it very powerful and moving. A few felt it was too much on the side of the Syrians. Very worth watching and good to spark debate

A harsh look at the social scene in Britain today. Beautifully acted and directed and deeply moving.

A gritty film that pulls no punches - as you would expect from Ken Loach. Thought provoking and sadly true to life but with a heart-warming ending. A couple of people commented on the extent of the foul language but in the context of the film it was not inappropriate and was simply par for the course. Other than that the film was very well received by our audience and brought in some new faces. We were grateful for the sub titles due to the strong north eastern accents!

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