The Father (12a)

Directors Florian Zeller. Drama

Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman excel in Florian Zeller's screen adaptation of his 2012 award-winning stage play. Curmudgeonly 81-year-old Anthony lives ostensibly alone in his London flat, visited by his daughter Anne, and fighting off the carers she tries to impose upon him. But all is not as it seems as we enter the fragmented consiousness of a man in the grip of dementia in which familiar people and places shape-shift and merge into one another. With a screenplay co-written by Christopher Hampton, and a magnificent Oscar-winning performance by Hopkins that veers between righteous outrage and extreme vulnerability, this is a moving but unflinching take on ageing.

Starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

What a superb film! One of the best films we have ever shown. The acting was extraordinary from Anthony Hopkins, a well deserved Oscar performance, and very ably supported by Olivia Coleman. A difficult subject sensitively handled.

Poignant film discussing the blurring of time reality and memory from the perspective of a dementia sufferer. Throughout the film you witness facts changing, people changing, and nothing ever seeming to be what it was before. Anthony Hopkins delivers an exemplary and moving performance, and Ludovico Einaudi's score both lulls and unsettles in equal measure. A must see for all who have been touched by dementia

A little confusing at the start, well acted as knew it would be with Olivia Coleman and Anthony Hopkins. Well portrayed.

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