Official Secrets (15)

Director Gavin Hood. Biography, Drama, Thriller

The gripping true story of Katharine Gun, whose job at GCHQ involves routine handling of classified information. Until one day on the eve of the Iraq war she receives a memo that reveals a dubious intelligence operation. A woman of principles she feels she can’t stand by and watch the world be rushed into an illegal war. She leaks the memo to the press, exposing a vast political conspiracy, and putting herself and her family directly in harm's way. Anchored by a fiery central performance from Kiera Knightley, this pacy, powerful, engaging thriller is a pertinent reminder that our world needs everyone to act according to their principles.

Starring Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Ralph Fiennes, Matt Smith

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Another excellent film!

Aside of the conflict not recalled by audience members that lived through the eleventh , and so the intrigue and suspense were far more palpable fit that and riveting viewing.

A powerful film based on real life events, one everyone should see. Fantastic acting, directing and cinematography. Go and see!

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